Monday, January 20, 2014

Setting The Record Straight On High Dynamic Range TV

I was misquoted in artticle by Adrian Pennington in SVG Europe ( entitled CES 2014: manufacturers gearing up for 4K products, supporting workflows

Below is the quote and a correction:

Quote: "Speaking at a session on future imaging, Barry Sandrew, founder of 2D-3D conversion outfit Legend3D, said: “When you take a 2K or 4K image and present it in HDR you’ve got an image that has never been seen before. It is pristine. You can do it in 2K and upres to 4K and it’s still better. It’s not the number of pixels, it’s about the data. I believe systems and flat panels capable of displaying HDR will be a major theme of CES2015 and in turn these will become the trojan horse for autostereo.”

Correction: I never said nor implied that HDR will become a Trojan horse for autostereo. HDR has nothing to do with lenticular and parallax barrier autostereo (glasses-free 3D) which I consider inherently flawed technology. On the other hand, HDR is most definitely in our future. In fact I expect it to be the star attraction at CES 2015. It's not the number of pixels on the screen that matter, it's the significantly greater luminance and color gamut the pixels represent in HDR that's important. In my opinion, HDR at 2K is a far superior viewing experience than current 4K and yes, even current 8K.