Thursday, January 24, 2013

'Top Gun' ready for 3-D IMAX release Feb 8th, 2013

by Brian Truitt, USA Today, Jan 24, 2013.

Jerry Bruckheimer still feels the need for speed.

Top Gun, which helped make a star out of Tom Cruise and Hollywood heavyweights out of Bruckheimer and producing partner Don Simpson, is back in cinemas and flying high in 3-D for a special six-day engagement in IMAX theaters beginning Feb. 8. A limited-edition mini-reprint of the original 1986 poster will also be given out to ticket holders.
In addition, a new Top Gun 3-D Blu-ray will be released Feb. 19 with the new conversion, plus a six-part documentary, interviews with Cruise, music videos (including Kenny Loggins' anthemic Danger Zone) and a commentary by Bruckheimer and the late director Tony Scott.
One of Scott's last projects before his suicide in August was working with Bruckheimer's production company to add a new dimension to the in-air action sequences with Cruise's hotshot Maverick, Val Kilmer's cocky Iceman and other pilots that thrilled movie audiences in 1986.
"Some of the action scenes were of course a little more difficult but they (Legend3D) did a brilliant job," Bruckheimer says of the 3-D conversion. "It really is exciting when they land on those carriers, and the dogfights. You really think Tony shot it in 3-D. Tony was thrilled, and he was a perfectionist."

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