Monday, February 4, 2013

Scott Hettrick - On The Feb 1 Press Glimpse Of TOP GUN 3D.

Top Gun 3D is top notch in IMAX Feb. 8 and Blu-ray Feb. 19

Converting Paramount‘s “Top Gun” for 3D was no easy feat, especially since none of the aircraft or ship sequences were digital. But the surprisingly hardest footage to convert, according to Legend3D founder Dr. Barry Sandrew, is the scenes with nothing but actors in a room. Tiny details like reflections in their eyes must be converted to show depth or else the eyes look dead, he told attendees of a special early look at 20 minutes of the IMAX 3D footage Friday night (Jan. 1, 2013) at the AMC Century City 15 in Los Angeles.

Sandrew worked with the late director Tony Scott on the 3D conversion and even invested his company’s money in the project to ensure its completion.

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